67th Annual Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands

Trees, stream in forest settingAsheville has garnered significant regional attention and the buzz is building.  Craft Beer, Happiest City, Best Place to Retire, natural scenic beauty, Art Deco architecture, music and art to name just a few associations.

Twice a year in October and July, the U.S. Cellular Asheville Civic center hosts The Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands. For these four days the best of regional artisans come to Asheville offering  every kind of creative art work in every style imaginable.  They number close to 200 and occupy all floors of the civic center displaying their work.

Jewelry, clay, metals, paper, wood, cloth, weaving, glass and more will be on display as juried artists display their life’s work with a passion born of love. For the locals one of the biggest draws to this show, aside from an opportunity to purchase one of a kind, spectacular art are the demonstrations.  Asheville has always provided very strong support of it’s local artists regardless of medium.  There is a fundamental interest in art in our citizenry so the opportunity to learn a bit more about a medium of personal interest is a big draw.  October 2014 will offer demonstrations in stonecarving, blacksmithing, pine straw weaving as well as my personal favorite natural dyeing and spinning.

This region of the country has a strong history and cultural love of crafts.  Many of these artists have learned their crafts hands on through generations of their family members.  Southern Highland Craft Guild began as a not for profit organization in 1930 as a way of creating cohesion for artisans.  The fairs began in 1948 as a way for mountain artisans to display and potentially sell their crafts and in this way became an integral part of the local economies of the region. These fairs now garner visitors nearing 20,000 all there to appreciate the passing on of these skills through the generations.

Our Asheville Inn is within easy walking distance of the craft fair and we would love to host your Asheville visit.  Plan a few days away and get your one of a kind Christmas gifts and special birthday remembrances purchased ahead of time- free from mall madness and with unique flair.   After the Craft Fair, take in some music buskers as you stroll downtown.  Better yet, seek out your best meal yet in our well known cuisine scene varied and awesome as only  Asheville can deliver it.  It’ll be more fun than the law allows and as an added benefit, all your shopping has been completed.  Not a bad day’s work for sure.

Place:  U.S. Cellular Center Asheville

Date: October 16, 17, 18 and 19th

Time: Thursday-Saturday 10 a.m.-6:00 p.m.  Sunday 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

Cost: Adults:  $8.00

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