10 Comments That will blow your mind

Dark haired man on the left and dark haired woman with hair piled on head on right.  Both have on tee shirst and pants and both have arms crossed.

Part  of my pre-cooking rev up for  the breakfast morning ritual  here at the inn is listening to the radio.  The two announcers on the air are married but not to each other and they are riotously funny.
  Some of today’s commentary from them and their listeners became the fodder for this blog. 

I was laughing my head off and that is not an easy thing to accomplish in the wee morning hours.  There are several things I know before I publish this blog.  One is that these10 comments will  find resonance and the other is that anyone, even the hardest of you to laugh….Will Laugh.  That’s a great way to begin a Tuesday or any day.  The commonality of the whole thing will also, once you get control of yourself, makes you realize that even in the most different among us there is significant common ground.

Q.  In response to asking your husband to get the ketchup out of the refrigerator.
 A.  I can’t find it.

 S.  Did you get the garbage? 
 A.  I didn’t see it.
S.  You never told me that.
A. You never listen.

S.  I am on my last pair of underwear.
A. Did you really say that?

Q.  What’s for dinner?
A.  What are you cooking?

Q. Do I look fat in this outfit?
A.  Complete, wisdom based silence.

S.  Next week, I am going to get _____ done.
A.  It is already way past next week.

S.  You’re nagging.
A. I nag because you never listen to me.

S. I can’t hear you.
A. You’re deaf as a post.

S.  You went to the store for bread.  Where did you put it?
A. No words spoken…..but with keys in hand, head shaking back and forth and heading back to the car. 

 Happy Tuesday and I would love to have any other “commonalities” you can think of to add.  Heaven only knows we will all identify with the additions. 

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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