Loafing around the Breads of Asheville

Several Loaves of Crusty, Seeded Bread on a black rack

In our family there was a kind of joke about my Nana and bread.  She was very easy to please regarding the rest of the offerings at any dinner table but the requirements of a very good bread was a constancy.
  Like many food preferences, this need was born of living through the depression years in our country and the ready access of bread when there may or may not have been much else.  It became a source of comfort in a time when not much comfort was available.  Nana was a southerner and grew up on cornbread.  We lost her from this world, her goodness being far more suited to the heavenly realms- but I find myself knowing that she would have dearly loved the artisan, pure and very yummy breads that have recently arrived on the culinary scene.

Bread is big business in Asheville and at every local tail gate market you will find Asheville Home Bread.  We have more than a few local bread makers each bringing their own style like the Farm and The Sparrow noted for their 18 hour fermenting process, City Bakery, Wake Robin Breads to name just a few. 

Asheville is working on the development of  geograhically local sourced, organic grains and a mill that will service the flour needs of bakeries in Asheville and  surrounds. A consortium of 7 area bakers:  Loafchild, Westend, Annie’s Naturally Bakery, Wildflower, Flat Rock Village Bakery, Wake Robin Breads and Farm and Sparrow are all working toward this end goal. 

The 10th Annual Asheville Artisan Baker’s Festival is April 12, 2014.  Celebrating local farmer’s, millers and bakers is the theme of this years event and America’s 5 biggest names in the bread industry will be offering lectures as well. Now, to the real draw….Samplings of all kinds from 10 local bakeries which should provide reason enough for any true lover of the dough.

Book a weekend with us here at the inn.  We are 12 minutes from A-B Tech and the most yummy bread festival you have likely ever attended! 

Where:  A-B Tech 340 Victoria Road  Asheville
Date:   Saturday April 12, 2014
Time: 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
Cost:  Blissfully Free     Lectures:  $10/workshop

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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