Find Your Inner Katniss Everdeen at Artemis Archery in Asheville

right handed, female archer with arrow pulled back in bow ready for release.

The sport of archery has found the red  hot spotlight created by the Hunger Games phenomenon crossing the country.
Archery, as first employed,  was used as a means of defense and a method of hunting for food.
Fashioning of the bow and arrow improved moving forward from the Old Stone age with the Egyptians creating these instruments out of wood and animal horns meshed together.  Mashed animal sinew was utilized as  glue.  The actual bowstring was originally dried sheep intestine. 

Both the Romans and Spaniard  relied heavily upon its use as well.  By 1588, when Spain invaded England, only 1/3 of the warriors were reliant on bow and arrow defense, the rest were armed with guns. As the efficiency, and accuracy of shot and gun reliability in inclement weather obstacles were tackled and improved upon, the use of the bow and arrow as a means of defense decreased. 

Though much of its use for defense purposes were circumvented by the gun, archery continued to enjoy a following as a sport as noted when New York held the first Grand National Archery Society meeting in 1844. However, as the century came to a close, both tennis and croquet gained in popularity leaving archery in their wake. By 1889, Britain had only 50 archery clubs remaining.

The Hunger Games was filmed in the forested areas around Asheville and so had much local fanfare.  Women across the country and their daughters were treated to visions of Katniss Everdeen’s prowess with the bow and arrow and whether for emulation or for the sheer fun of it, the sport caught fire.

 So, for whatever the reason, if archery is striking resonance with you and you’d like to try a class and learn more about it- Artemis Archery in Asheville, owned by Alexandra Tait, can help.
She offers classes for students age 6 and up.  Some classes are women specific offered as wilderness retreats focusing on “peaceful warriors.” 

Tait, spending childhood summers in the New Hampshire woods, enjoyed this sport as a girl and now brings to it a 20 year background in the holistic healing arts. 
Need more information:
Her shooting range is located in West Asheville and we’d love to host your stay if you decide to take a series of classes and require overnight accommodations. 
Even Katniss was grateful for a good night’s sleep!    

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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