Celebrate Valentine’s Day, Chocolate Tour for Lovers

Brick Building with window and door entry.  Blue caption on top saying French Broad Chocolates  factory & tasting room

Just as a fun romp if we were to play a “word association game” and I said chocolate and asked you to tie your response to a holiday- What would your answer be?  Ding, Ding, Ding….I think I heard VALENTINE’S DAY!

There are various accounts surrounding the topic of chocolate and its ingestion.  Casanova, no stranger to women termed it “the elixir of love.”  Montezuma had an entire harem of women requiring his attentions and chocolate was his “go to” drink, women dedicating their lives to religious orders were discouraged (AKA forbidden) to engage in eating it at all for fear it would trigger wanton sexual activities in those who had offered up a life in  sacrifice and celibacy.
From a nutritional perspective it contributes copper, magnesium, zinc iron and just for good measure  polyphenols as an anti-oxidant. Likely not attributable to the minute amounts of serotonin it offers us, just eating it makes us feel better.  At 1.6 billion dollars, it comes in a bit below flowers for this occasion- but 1.6 billion is certainly nothing to sneeze at.

The year, I have a wonderful Valentine’s idea for our guests.  On Saturday afternoon, our local artisan chocolatier extraordinaire, The French Broad Chocolate Lounge, is offering tours Saturdays at 2:pm. I have guests who went and they were wowed.  The tour guide is extremely knowledgeable about all things chocolate starting from the bean, sourcing, production and moving forward until the finished product we all know and love is completed. Very reasonable, fun and informative and all for $10. Appointments a good idea.  Now, there is a bit of tasting, but no good knowledge should be wasted or kept in a vacuum of no experience.   After the tour, may I suggest you take your Valentine to The French Broad Chocolate Lounge for some on the job experience.  Now, in case you weren’t paying attention, please allow me to refer you back to Paragraph 2 for all the excellent reasons why. 

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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