Holiday Weddings in Asheville NC

The first wedding we hosted At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn was for a fellow nurse in 1999, the year we bought our inn.
  Elizabeth, a neighborhood girl, was absolutely enchanted with our gardens and my honest explanation regarding my complete lack of knowledge of weddings did nothing to deter her interest in having her wedding at our property..  By way of explanation, Gary and I eloped so we did not even have personal experience upon which to draw for this life changing event.  Elizabeth was undaunted stating that if, as nurses, people placed their lives in our hands daily than surely our collective lack of knowledge regarding the in’s and out’s of of nuptials should not prove too daunting a learning curve. 

She was right!  Many, many weddings have been hosted in the over 15 years we have owned our inn.  Some have been large (the highest number we host at our property is 50), most, our favorite kind, are elopement weddings. 

We offer a one stop shop kind of package at our inn which includes:  Minister, Professionally done floral, Photography and a small post wedding reception in our Sunroom .  We formally set the table and the Sunroom windows provide the magic of  perfect light for some of the most lovely and cherished pictures of the bride and groom.  We carefully designed this package to preserve all the classic elements showcased in much larger events at a much reduced price structure.

In Spring, Summertime and early Fall our mature, ever so lovely and seasonally designed perennial garden offer a backdrop no contrived decoration could aspire to.  During the very cold days, we offer a warm, softly glowing fireplace backdrop in the warmth of the inn’s living room.

If you are dreaming of weddings and are really seeking an intimate, cozy, one of a kind experience just about the two of you and your story together-We may be just the place you are looking for.
Give us a call.    

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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