Veteran’s Day 2013

It is my sincere hope as I type this blog some week out from its publishing date that the insanity currently paralyzing D.C. will have concluded in a resolution of some kind among the political parties resulting in the government re-opening.

redbud tree in the foreground with white grave markers in the background at Arlington National Cemetary

In listening to the nightly news and acknowledging the very real possibility that without resolve things could get so dire that benefits to our veteran’s, up to and including even death benefits,  could come to an abrupt halt.  It seems incredible and in a sane world would be unthinkable to even contemplate.

I cannot believe, regardless of political party affiliations or any ideation that separates us that any person calling themselves a citizen of the United States of America could possibly want this.  Can we expect either our active duty military, daily risking their lives for this country we all love, or our retired veterans, many of whom gave 20 plus years of service to our nation, to go quietly without their much needed and well earned payments rendered to them?  They  lived and served separating themselves from their loved ones and families …Some were sent to war sustaining injuries of all kinds both psychic and physical thus making finding employment in a good job market challenging…In this job market even more so.
tomb of the unknown soldier, large, green tree in the background and blue sky
It is completely out of consideration that this strategy is even up for question.  This is not a party consideration.  We must not let this happen and call ourselves Americans. It will be to our shame if this continues.   

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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