Halloween in Asheville 2013

several bare branch trees in the background with large,pale moon behind them.  In front many jack-o-lanterns carved with different faces.

Everyone has different celebratory patterns for Halloween.  Some attend parties of friends, some will be chaperoning their little ones as they make the neighborhood rounds and some are seeking the thrills “of things that go bump in the night.”
  It is for those folks that this blog is dedicated.  Asheville and surrounding areas offer some very cool outdoor scenarios pandering to fright and scary scenes in the night. Here are some of them.  From the complete fear fest of Pinhead’s to the more benign nature of Stingy Jacks….there’s something for everyone.  Asheville-Any way you like it!

Haunted Farm: October 31-November 2, 2013 trod carefully through approximately 50 minutes of blood curdling fun at 624 Townsend Road in Hendersonville, NC.  Enter The Woods, The Farm and even enjoy The Haunted Hayride if you dare.  This is a cash only event and is completely self directed. 

Stingy Jack’s Pumpkin Patch:  About 35 mins from Asheville located in Mountains and Meadows Farm and Event Center.  350 Generation Pass Pisgah Forest, NC My sister, my husband and myself went there last year and it was a ton of fun.  A few of our guests from the inn tagged along.  All of us enjoyed the very cool light displays totally suitable for children though still a bit daunting because it is very dark out there.  Parking was easy and right by the event.  Cost $5.
Admission:  $12.95.  There were more than a few food vendors there as well selling everything from popcorn-hot dogs.

Haunted Comedy Bus Tours:  Till the end of October Tuesday-Saturday LaZoom departs from The Thirsty Monk-Patton Avenue location.  Call 828-225-6932 for more info.

Pinhead’s Graveyard:  This place is not for amateurs.  Beginning when it gets dark in Canton this haunted exhibit offers an onslaught of fear Friday and Saturday 8 p.m. till midnight to November 2.  This may be the largest outdoor fright display in the Southeast and even when you think it’s all over and have reached the safety of the parking lot for your journey home….be afraid…Be Very Afraid. This outdoor experience is not for the faint of heart.

Happy Halloween you all!  This is meant as a Halloween overview and if you’d like more specific information most of these locations have websites to supply all the information you need to make a choice that will leave a Happy Halloween memory for you and yours!

 Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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