Railfest Great Daytrip from Asheville

2 side by side black steam trains

Trains have long been a fascination of mine likely familial in nature as my maternal grandfather worked for the trains until his death.  The Great Smoky Mountain Railroad was one of the first attractions that caught my eye when we first moved to Asheville.
  At that time it departed from Dillsboro, N.C.  Much to the dismay of those living in Dillsboro really counting on the economics and tourism the train brought in, it now departs from Bryson City, N.C. but remains a nice day trip from Asheville.

There is a very cool happening I wanted to let you all know about taking place on Saturday, September 14 2013.  It comes in the form of the Whittier Sundown Steam and Bar B Q Train.  It will leave the station led by none other than the Lehigh Valley Flag Coal Train # 75. 

Now, you might be wondering as you head off into the sunset of our stunning Western North Carolina Mountains what a steam train ride and Bar B Q have to do with each other.  North Carolinian’s
do not mess around when it comes to having dinner and this awesome journey will prove no exception as they will be serving up none other than the tender, pulled, homemade pork Bar B Q North Carolina is famous for smothered in Sweet Baby Ray’s Sauce on a fresh pretzel bun along with a kettle chip side.  Don’t eat too much and lose your appetite for ordering Key Lime Pie dessert.
Brewmeisters from  Heinzelmännchen Brewery, Deiter Kuhn and his spouse and work partner, Sheryl Rudd-Both born in Germany will provide some great tastings for train riders in their own souvenir glass.
Tickets are $69/pp and for more information give the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad folks a call 1-800-872-4681.  A grand time will be had by all.

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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