So Glad We Had This Time Together

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For those of you of a “certain age” this title will harken back to the days of Carol Burnett’s very funny show but the resonance of the term extends far past this very talented performer.  In talking to my women friends, long married and not so long married-one consistency rises to the surface repeatedly.
  In this very connected age of social media on steroids where there is some kind of device at your disposal even when you are indisposed in the most private of ways,  it seems many of us feel very disconnected.  Everyone is working, demands on time are ever increasing and texts are taking precedence over phone calls.  The thought is they’re faster, more able to be controlled and less intrusive than phone calls.  Many of my friends report that they are simply lonely for their mates.  The friends and families. Lonely for the time they do not have together.  

For where your treasure is, there will be your heart also-Matthew 6:21.  Despite our fervent wishes, our childhood beliefs, our best intentions and all our plans to do better at this, be better at this, devise strategies to have a better outcome we don’t seem to be achieving success.  In these strategy sessions we kid ourselves into believing that there will be a better time, a more convenient time, a time it would all work better, work will prove less intrusive and the good thing….long dreamed of will prevail. 

Once in a discussion with a  Mom I was working with in my job as a registered nurse before the thought of becoming an innkeeper ever came to mind she said…”Which do you think is more important Patti….That I attend the softball tournament or that I keep my job which feeds my family, provides their education and hopefully provides a better future for them than the one I have hammering it out in a job all day long?”  I didn’t have the answer to the chaos of her choice then, to the chaos of the choices we all must make then.  I don’t have one now. I only know that in our ever connected age, we are still seeking a friend, a connection and a means to try and find meaning in this world.

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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