Rain Rain Go Away

green plant leaf with slug on it

Weather has been wacky all across the United States and while blessedly we have escaped the horrific fires that are torching the west coast and the tornadoes that have stalked the middle of the country, Asheville, along with the entire southeast has been deluged with rains.

There are sections of this city that are severely impacted when so much rain falls in such little time.  Locals remember all the damage done to the Biltmore Village area of our city and the fear of those with homes in close proximity to the the banks of the French Broad which consistently threatens to top its banks during these rain events.

Aside from these major considerations- Gardens, while needing water to thrive, can actually experience severe decline when weather patterns cause so much precipitation the soil cannot absorb any more rain and water stands for long periods.  If the plants are forced to stay in these conditions too long, the roots actually rot and the plant fails from this condition actually drowning the plants.  Aside from root rot, profuse numbers of slugs-always a issue- but going for broke in all this rain- seem to be flushed from the soil.  They systematically seek every single flower in your garden to feast on.   

There is little doubt that by the end of summer there will be periods when we are dry as a  bone and some rain would be a God-send…but for now.  Rain Rain Go Away.   

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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