Building a Garden Shed Beautifully

We have been hosting guests here for 14 years today.  It seems like only yesterday though one only need look around to see all the changes we’ve made during our tenure.
  Did I mention it has been 14 years?  One structure in our midst was in serious need of renovations-Our Garden Shed-AKA a Rubbermaid two door-ed special had completely given up the ghost and we (that means me) knew that it simply could not function effectively through another season.  It was with that knowledge that I began what wives will recognize as “subtle hints” that perhaps we needed to bring in something that was a bit more functional in the garden shed genre.  “You know Gary that the doors are falling off the poor thing, the fertilizer gets wet and hence is wasted, it’s so tiny we can’t fit anything in there any more. ”  These are the kind of nuanced comments to which I am referring.  I began my “new shed” campaign in March when, as is customary in Asheville because it is still a bit cold here, guests are fewer than normal in numbers and there is time sufficient to properly build “happiness garden shed.”

Well, presto chango…March came and March went and no garden shed prep was forthcoming.  April showers bring May flowers…but it didn’t bring a Garden Shed.  April, as is usually its custom, followed March.  Still, though no wood, no shingles, no flooring….Gary remained snoring.  May….  As in…MAY you please find your way to Lowe’s and commence the building of the Garden Shed????? 

Hallelujah, as if out of a fog…Mr. Gary sprang forth, hammer in hand, nails, screws and drills too.  Pounding, hauling, calculating and re-calculating began in earnest and one day….just a few days ago….I noted a roof erection, windows, a door and tar paper too.  By George, there is a lovely, perfectly lovely real, live garden shed in our midst seemingly coming out of nowhere towering from the mists.  Why, that Gary, he is wily character.

All jokes aside, it is a shed befitting this lovely old inn and it will long be the home of all the equipment, fertilizer, sprayers, mowers, shovels and more-All  necessary items in keeping the gardens here the magical paradise appreciated by so many.  My sister is threatening to move into it…Me too-It’s that nice.  It’s a good thing it is nearly finished.  I haven’t seen the guys in six weeks and …well, I nearly hate to give it voice and I supposed I will wait a few months to give him a bit of a reprieve but …..I’ve always had a secret desire for a tree house.

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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