Enjoy our Asheville Art Show on Gray Line Trolley

Walking around downtown is always fun.  There’s the people watching-always an intrigue, great dining opportunities, music notes- percussion, brass and more from nearly every quadrant of our village, a mere cuppa tea can be turned into an existential experience and then there’s the art.
You can barely walk half a block in our downtown without an encounter of the art kind.

Many of our guests visit for that very experience.  Some looking for a decorative piece for their nest building home decor and some enchanted with the work of a particular local artist.  Professionals, locals and others  exhibiting their work can be found in the local galleries and that that is the inspiration of this blog.

This year, the downtown Asheville Arts District is hosting a fun new adventure for visitors to really enjoy the art in a very convenient and fun way. 
They are calling the event First Friday Art Walks.
For the remaining months of May-December on the first Friday of the month this event will run. All of these galleries and storefronts are consolidated within a half mile area.

However, on Friday, September 5, 2013 (5-8  p.m.) a special incentive bonus is available.   Our beloved friends at Gray Line Trolley (counter intuitively, this trolley is RED) will have their very cool trolley available at our Convention and Visitors Bureau for the public to hop aboard and be transported to the 25 exhibitors participating in this event.  Everyone is free to use the trolley for transportation 5-8 p.m. easily getting on and off as the trolley pulls around to venues of interest.  Jewelers, canvas-water color, oil, mixed media , glass and many other options will be available for viewing and purchase.     

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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