Biltmore, Festival of Flowers

Biltmore Estate enjoys extreme popularity among visitors to Asheville.  After succumbing to what feels like a very long winter – The most memorable herald of Spring season is Biltmore House’s Festival of Flowers.

Gardeners and all those appreciating beauty gain sustenance in viewing the the initial garden design at Biltmore House by Frederick Law Olmstead.  Mr. Olmstead’s talents were not restricted to landscaping.  He was, among other things, a publisher, a journalist, studied farming, developed many urban parks and did intensive study of Niagara Falls in New York State. Both he and Calvert Vaux did extensive redesign of Central Park in N.Y. standing out as the the choice urban park to visit in the continental United States.

His work stands as a living testament to his elements of landscape design living on at Biltmore House. Those gardens stand last big chapter undertaken by Mr. Olmstead. Unlike some of his other park designs projects, Vanderbilt had no problems supplying funds for the work.  He dissuaded George’s  initial vision of a formal English garden encouraging instead that the natural lay of the land be left for views and that 80,000 acres of this property be dedicated to forest land.  This later became the beginning  parcel of Pisgah National Forest and placing the formal gardens closer to the actual homestead.  The Bass Pond, enjoyed by so many, was another of his creations as was a nine mile arboretum moving from the house to the French Broad and returning again to the home.

Event: Festival of Flowers

Location: Biltmore Estate

Date: March 21-May 31 2013  

We have these tickets available at the inn and would be happy to make your visit to Festival of Flowers  convenient by allowing you to pick up your tickets at the inn rather than having to wait in line at the Estate.  We have printed directions here as well.  Your hardest job to enjoy the colorful, vibrant display of flowers of all kinds while enjoying one of the most beautiful gardens you’ll see anywhere.  Please feel free to call us for details. 

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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