Wedding Vows At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn

On the topic of weddings no word strikes fear in the hearts of both brides and grooms more than “vows.”  We have been hosting couple elopement weddings since we first purchased our inn in 1999.
Because we work primarily with elopements for two, we come to know most of our couples well before the wedding occurs. Many of them share their concerns about their upcoming nuptials.  Very often, one member of the couple is intensely focused on the idea of writing their own vows to share with each other as they marry.  They have chosen to have their wedding in the most intimate of settings focused only as a couple and the commitment they have made in marrying each other.
Some of the vows take a very sacred tone promising to focus the marriage toward God’s will for their future, some funny ensuring that when one of them falls during a dance step the other will pick them up, some focusing on friendship promising to be the last to judge behavior and the first to forgive it and some on romance and their complete soul connection.  The Oscar to the  most memorable category goes to the soulfully issued promise to be an effective spider slayer and hunter of the mosquito when it’s incessant buzzing in the night would preclude any idea of sleep.

We developed our wedding package at the inn thoughtfully and with the idea  to seek the inclusion of the most classic elements of weddings. It is occasionally with some angst that couples choose the idea of an intimate ceremony for only two thinking that those “moments they always thought about” would have to be sacrificed along with the 100’s of people they don’t feel able to include in their ceremony.  Sometimes this choice is economic but more often we find it is selected with the idea that the marriage and all that entails is really about them.  They don’t want that thought to get lost in the shuffle of a huge extravaganza event.

Our Perfect for Two Wedding Package preserves, in miniature, the best moments of classic weddings.  We offer a minister, a small photo package by a professional photographer who has relinquished proprietary rights to the copies-in other words-The couple owns the photos and can reproduce however many of them they want inexpensively at whatever venue suits them from photo processing at CVS to a photographic lab.
We provide a professionally designed bridal bouquet & boutonniere, a petite wedding cake and bubbly served post ceremony in our Sun room tastefully and beautifully decorated for this occasion making it a perfect place for the “cake tasting” event always captured in pictures as the bride and groom exchange cake bites.

Weddings are always matters of the heart.  The act of faith, the love, the joy and the bright promise of choice in bonding one’s heart to another till death do we part.  Like birth, it is a new beginning, a hope, a promise and moving forward, each member of the couple will act as a witness to the life of the other.         

Patti and Gary Wiles,  Innkeepers 

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