Voting in Buncombe County, Asheville

 There are many voices out there talking about the young adults of today and more than a few of them lack any kind of positivity.  When returning to the inn one evening about 10 days ago, I was delighted to see Voting in Buncombe County, Asheville assume the visage of two young UNCA students.  I noted these two young women right in front of our Inn.  They immediately approached me holding their clipboards making enquiries as to whether I was going to engage in early voting.  They launched into their rhetoric regarding some of the issues of our day, their evaluation of their candidate and the rationale upon which their impressions had been based.  They were clear headed, verbally proficient, absolutely involved and dedicated to the process of each citizen having their vote counted.

You know the thing is, they were for my candidate.  The true thing is-That if they hadn’t been for my candidate as a woman and most especially as a Mother- I would have felt the same pride, happiness, hope and real confidence that as they become the leaders of tomorrow and their children the leaders after that… I have every faith that the same energy, belief in our system of government-fragile and flawed as it some times is, those same “dog in the fight feelings” that had them canvasing my neighborhood rather than partying the night away would provide a safe haven in which to place the future of my country.

To the anonymous girls I want to say, “Thanks, I needed that.” 

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