Moogfest 2012 in Asheville

For those of you who are currently wondering what in the world a Moogfest 2012 in Asheville means.  This event is a celebration of the creative energy of Bob Moog-developer of the synthesizer and Asheville native son.

Asheville is in the 3rd year of this event taking place October 26 and 27 showcasing music in nearly any form you can dream up.  Electronics will be a highlight but the diversity of the music might surprise some. Co-producer of this Asheville evening is also one of the most well known concert event  promoters in the southeast, Matt Hendrickson,  and he brings his talents to continuing to improve and tweak this concert venue establishing it as a “must go” in the music industry.

Though the concert is not a Halloween eve event, concert goers are encouraged to dress up in costume as what’s a few days between music friends.  Rock, avant garde and a D.J. spinning tunes cannot always be found in the same space.  Asheville innovates everything and this festival will prove no exception.

We’d love to host your Asheville stay and we are so close to Moogfest walking is no problem.  Set your night to music-our inn is happy to tune it all up for you.   

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers 

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