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 Gary and I hail from Florida before moving to Asheville and the wonders of seaonal gardening were not available there.  I love the fall season in this area of the country not only for the unparalleled beauty of the season but also it’s nearly time for planting Alliums, Asheville bed and breakfast picks.
I was always aware of hyacinths, tulips, daffodils having seen these in New York as a girl.  My friend, Valerie, introduced me to Alliums when I moved here.  I love them.

A bit about Alliums.  Allium in latin is: garlic. They are kin re: genus to French shallots, onions, leeks and the much sought after locals- ramps.
Casually referred to as onion genus noted for forming an unbel at the top of a leafless stalk.  Bulbs arrive for planting in all sizes from 5cm-10cm. In our climate, they thrive as perennials either by bulbs reforming at the crux of old bulb or can be produced at the tips of rhizomes or stolons-Some smaller alliums have tuberous roots.

When they bloom,in spring or summer depending upon your bulb selection, they are distinguished by globular balls, which upon closer inspection, are actually ever so numerous tiny little blooms all coming together to make this round appearance.  Tiny flowers,hundreds, each within a larger sphere.  They are delightful in and of themselves and as if that is not enough, they have pest repellent qualities and deers don’t find them appealing.  If you haven’t tried them in your garden they are reliable, stunning, gorgeous and can be coupled with mountain bells, a host of other plants or used simply by themselves to create a showstopper in your garden.

Some of the additions to the already planted alliums here at our B&B in Asheville for the 2012 selections will be:

Allium Graceful:  New and I think will prove perfect with already planted Drumstick Allium.  Both will bloom in early Spring and Graceful(16-18″) will tuck nicely under the taller Drumstick (20-24″) while complimenting each other with  their similar and compatible colorings.

Persian Blue Allium:  Tall, powerful and blue.  Gardeners love blue & a true blue is not easily come by in the plant kingdom.  Couple this 34-36″ inch allium with your taller hosta’s- Sum and Substance or Sun Power would be awesome choices.

Plant on, after a long winter…we all need something to look forward to!     

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