Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre,Things to do in Asheville

Asheville is Art.  From substantive art to performance art, the opportunities for seeking cultural exposure in Asheville are endless  and on May 27th at 3:00 p.m., the Sunday afternoon performance of Sleeping Beauty ballet will take to the stage of BeBe Theatre. 

This fairytale by French author, Charles Perrault, also responsible for the tales Beauty and The Beast and Puss and Boots knows his way around fairy tales.  All the usual suspects of: chivalry, betrayal, malevolent queen, foxy prince and lovely maiden princess are to be found in full regalia as this story plays out.  Not to worry about the the evil queen folks….You see this is a fairy tale and unlike the harsh reality of the world in which we all make our journey…In fairy tales, good always triumphs.  This alone is reason enough to attend.  When coupled with lavishly beautiful costumes, an intimately sized stage, creatively original choreography, a live string quartet and the best price around for an afternoon of theatre at $17-Suffice to say, it simply can’t be beat!

We are happy to secure tickets for guests here at our Asheville North Carolina Bed and Breakfast.  The theatre is located in our downtown area and is within walking distance.  After this fun matinee, enjoy a trek through our vibrant downtown finding just the dinner palate pleaser you will most enjoy before heading back home to the inn. 

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