Valentine’s Day, Asheville Bed and Breakfast ideas!

Valentine’s Day is a retailers dream as all the commercials on television touting what form of platinum, gold, diamonds or other glittery procurement will put a smile on your beloveds face attest to.  Valentine’s Day, Asheville Bed and Breakfast ideas are less pricey and some of them have actually been shared with us in the nearly 13 years we have owned At Cumberland Falls North Carolina Bed and Breakfast Inn.  Some, I have employed as a Mom and a wife.

Valentine tip # 1 for your child:  The night before Valentine’s Day, tuck a little card on your child’s pillow (whatever their age) using this as an opportunity to share with them all the great qualities you see in them that make them one of your favorite Valentine’s & favorite people.

Valentine’s tip # 1 for your spouse:  Marriage and the daily demands of life sometimes leave little time or energy for the very real, but often unstated thoughts of love you feel for your beloved.  Leave a small personal note in his shoe or taped to the steering wheel of her car. Write the words you often feel too busy to give voice to. The special shine of this will remain in thought long after the necklace or ring are lost. 

If a bit bigger budget exists, we’d love to help you take advantage of The Red Rose and Chocolate Truffle-Valentine’s Perfected package at our Asheville Bed and Breakfast.  We’d love to host your Valentine’s day and offer a peaceful, fun retreat time in which all the demands of your life ebb for a moment in time and the focus can be on each other.  Check it out…Valentine’s Day 2012 can be awesome.     

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