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This morning in our Asheville Bed and Breakfast I was in the kitchen preparing breakfast for our guests and I had an early riser.  I asked him how his evening went and how he was feeling this morning.  His response was so completely awesome that I have decided to include it in this blog.  He said, “If I was any better I couldn’t stand it.”  This gentleman is elder, he is pre-diabetic and deals with severe knee pain daily but this was his response.  As you might imagine…how could anyone maintain a “case of the grumpies” in the face of such a cheerful greeting? This cheerful greetings set my mind to remembering something my Nana had told me years before.  She maintained it all through her life to the very end…Attitude is Everything.  In everyone’s life there are days when quite simply, you just aren’t feeling it.  My guest changed my morning with his completely uplifting greeting.  What a gift!  A Cheerful Dispostion… even in the face of obvious challenges.
Gift Number 1.

Have you ever been in a crowd of people just milling about as we all do in pursuit of errands or just getting from here to there when you see someone single themselves out with a full face smile?   Smiling creates miraculous results.  Research shows that the results of a previous smile from a stranger enhances later better and more helpful behavior toward others.  It further substantiates that it directly influences the behavior of non-smilers creating both more smiling behaviors as well as more more helpful behavior in those smiled at.
It costs nothing, enhances our own mood and engenders both smiling and more cooperative behaviors in others so….
Gift Number 2-  Give a Smile!

The Pay It Forward Principle:  We own At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn and consequently, I spend more than a bit of time in the grocery store.  Every morning here at the inn we begin our guests day with a three course gourmet breakfast served by candlelight.  Right before Thanksgiving….Now you know what a scary encounter that can be.  I digress.  In these days of economic distress, a woman had her coupons on the top of her shopping cart and as someone was breezing by the coupons took flight and were cascading all over the store.  A congress of women were scampering all over the supermarket floor trying to locate and rescue her coupons laughing their heads off in obvious enjoyment of the commonality of the situation.  Clearly, with so many coupons on the loose, this woman would have spent much time locating them and picking them up but many hands made light work as all joined in a moment of spontaneous fun in the form of a good deed. Gift Number 3- In whatever way you can…Pay it Forward and do a good deed. 

All of us are pretty much taxed to the max daily.  It seems that a casualty of this type of life is our closeness and real contact with each other.  In what is heralded as the “most connected generation ever”,  we have largely lost touch.   I am not talking about Facebooking 500 friends where your sole responsibility is sharing some part of your day with the masses (assuming they care) and moving on.  This type of communication involves interfacing but not in a meaningful way with anyone. Relationships are fragile and require more than a Facebook entry- so for the few folks that are at the core of your life and fundamental to the quality of that life…Don’t keep it a secre…. let them know that.
Send a card, pick up the phone, be in touch..Not when YOU need something.  Maybe they need something.  You will never know if you don’t ever ask and your conversation consists primarily of what is happening in YOUR life.  You must be a friend to have one.  Cultivate them….they are the garden of life.
Gift Number 4-Friends.

Enjoy your Gifts.  They are of the lasting kind.  They cannot be the wrong color, size or variety.  They are the blessings of this world and the key to the next.

Merry Christmas!

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