Things to do in Asheville NC from your Asheville Bed and Breakfast -1

Everyone likes vacation time but I know I am not alone in thinking that while “new vistas” are a lot of fun and interesting they can also be challenging in what to do.  Hence, Things to do in Asheville.  Most of the time I at least try to be amusing in these Blogs but this list, my fine friends, is going to be a laundry list just perfect for shopping through. Further, many of the places on this list can be mapped out  using our interactive map.

This is going to be a multi part Blog and we are going to start with Antiquing:

Sweeten Creek Antiques
Screen Door
The Captain’s Bookshelf (antique books)
Village Antiques at Biltmore
Tobacco Barn

Just these entries will keep you more than busy for a week.  Re:  Antiquing….There is a phenomenal festival happening in Asheville yearly, Asheville Antique Fair, that I have blogged about in more detail in previous Blog posts  This year it was November 4, 5 and 6th but you antique mavens, and you know who you are, will have to plan to BE HERE for this special event next year. It is not to be missed….But hey, a year is a long time to wait so in the meantime, the above will keep you more than busy I assure you!
Shop Strong-Shop On!

Patti and Gary Wiles,  Innkeepers 

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