Thanksgiving 2011, Your Asheville Bed and Breakfast

My sister and I have had a long standing love affair with the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Thanksgiving 2011, Your Asheville Bed and Breakfast owners note will not prove an exception.  Rather than the premature, blatant, discordant, unattractive commercialism often associated with Christmas as retail, rather than the message have become more and more entrenched in our lives…Thanksgiving seems able to retain its purity as it concentrates on the more family oriented values, home, hearth and togetherness.  Whether we are able to physically be with our family or distance, job responsibilities or the like mandate this visit to occur on the phone lines, it has always seemed this holiday cannot help but bring to mind scenes of family, times gone by and all the wonderful love, laughter and memories of Thanksgivings past.

Every year I concentrate on really making a conscious effort to be truly thankful about at least 5 things.  It has proved an interesting exercise over the years and I invite you to try it along with me.  Even in the very challenging times our country and economy are facing, 5 things are never hard and they work magic in your head.  If you do it, share with me what yours were.

Here are mine:

1.  This year our servicemen and women serving in Iraq,  who have sacrificed so very much for us, will not spend another Christmas in country.
2.  This year my family both immediate and extended are primarily healthy.
3.  For this year, Gary and I remain employed when so many in our country wake up wondering what they will do to earn a living.
4. This year many people in our country have become galvanized to seek a better solution for their country and they are speaking their discontent and resolve that things become more equitable in a clear voice.
5. This year we remain blessed to live in the United States of America.
6.  We are blessed with good friends. 

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