From your Asheville Bed and Breakfast – Is your “Techie” life driving you crazy?

Long ago, in a far away land there lived a girl who had friends, could return a missed call, never heard of Facebook and Twitter and could actually go to a movie and even to the powder room in the absence of the constant barrage of contact.  Those days could be gone forever -“Is your “Techie” life driving you crazy?

I wonder as I move through my day answering email after email from guests and friends alike, while the “alert” message on my phone is trilling in my ears indicating the receipt of yet but another text and shortly thereafter the cellular phone commences to ringing and while running to answer that…the land line at the inn also sends out its desperate pleas for attention “right now”……. how it ever got to this place.

It seems there is not one place in your home or mine; even the powder room, not one time of the day, not one single space where we are not expected to be available all the time….ready at a moments notice to receive whatever tech communication has been sent to “seek us out.”

I cannot speak for others but I vote for “a more sane time” when if you were having dinner out or at home and your phone rings….you pause the ringer and when the meal and all the cameraderie of friendship enjoyed during that meal has been enjoyed, the phone call is returned.
If nature calls no one is pushing your cell phone under the door because even this space is no longer sacrosanct. If a phone call arrived and found you not at home, a message was left and when you got home…the call was returned.   Friends were not in the hundreds because the joy, intimacy and responsibility of real friendship is really not possible in that forum. When one took a walk- it was a time for communion with nature or a fun discussion if one had company on the walk.  Now, it is another source of “cell phone interaction” because….Well, you are only taking a walk.

Being connected is a good thing.  Being a slave, blessedly is a practice abandoned a long time ago. We may all want to re-think just how much tech is enslaving us and where possible….cut some of those chains lest we spend so much time connected that our time to enjoy and experience “real live living” runs out.  

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers 

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