Asheville NC Bed and Breakfast anxiously awaits Halloween Haints!

One of the glories of the southern experience is their penchant for language.  Their “turn of the phrase” is diverse and extends to all speech and in keeping with this whimsical tradition, our Asheville Nc Bed and Breakfast anxiously awaits Halloween Haints!  For those of you who have never experienced the glories of “southern speak” please absorb the following definition of Haint= Southern colloquialism
def., ghost, apparition, lost soul!

We love Halloween At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn and part of the allure of living in a historic neighborhood is that children from all parts of Asheville both near and far generally find their way to N. Asheville to pursue the age old activity of “trick or treat.”

It has been a long time since I have trick or treated and frankly in those days….costumes were usually found in small boxes with rather pedestrian little plastic masks attached to your head vis a vis a rubber band.  Not really too cool.  Asheville kids are creative and that is no lie.  We have had every kind of haint, apparition, demon, angel, celestial being, inanimate object, plant species and even costumes connotative of character-  e.g. pure evil, confidence, honor, humor and responsibility. How creative is that?  Full disclosure requires that I also tell you we have also had more than a few that have no costume at all, no face paint, nada…zip and basically arrive to extort candy completely exclusive of any effort to honor this so fun holiday at all.

This brings out “the mother” in me.  Last year I basically told some kids that if their expectation of their visit to my house and the ringing of my doorbell was to call forth my responsibility to see to it that they got “good candy” than this was a two way street…I too had expectations and that is I want to see effort, fun costumes, creativity and energy invested in their active participation in Halloween. All things considered, I think they took this request very well….I mean just because they left laughing hysterically while chomping up the candy I went ahead and gave them anyway could not possibly mean that they were not giving some consideration to the request.

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