Asheville NC Bed and Breakfast-The Fallings Leaves Drift By My Window

The official first day of fall is not until this Friday, September 23 2011 but I can tell you for sure  here in Asheville, The Falling Leaves Drift By My Window.  Having spent the last three hours in my garden amid the flora and fauna- everything about the day felt fall.  It is a bit damp here At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn and we are so grateful. It been a very, very dry summertime leaving both my mature established plants as well as the “new kids on the block” in varying shades of stress. 

Funny how the season of fall comes in.  I have noted for the very nearly 12 years I have lived here that signs of fall arrive in different parts of the city at different times or strangely that one lone branch on a tree will exhibit vigorous color even while the remainder of the tree has experienced no change at all.  A few of the rather smaller trees that I encounter daily have already experienced their color, subsequently shed their leaves and only the barren tree remains in wait for the winter to be in companionship with the trees surrounding it. 

We are one with nature in that way, humans I mean.  The same experience can be shared by two people and the reactions differ widely.  Two groups of reasonably intelligent, rationale people can be provided with the exact same set of facts and come to vastly different conclusions.
It is often said that what joins us is greater than what separates us but at this time in our history I am no longer sure that is a recognized truth.

Patti and Gary Wiles , Innkeepers 

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