Garden Moments at our Asheville Bed and Breakfast Inn

Yesterday was garden day.  One of my guests on departure joked about my work partner and husband of 40 years having me outside doing the hard work when out of my mouth spontaneously came, “Oh no, its some of the best moments of my day” acknowledging honestly that the garden moments at our Bed and Breakfast are priceless to me.

A garden provides many things.  A place to nurture, scenes of beauty, opportunities to develop patience, moments of hope, the joy of working hard and the reveal of what that hard work has brought into being, the faith to give things a second or even a third chance, knowledge of the earth and seasons and broader knowledge of the plants themselves, an opportunity to watch things grow, mature and move through their life cycle enhancing the understanding that this cycle is shared universally by all that lives… from people to animals and plant life.  I have learned much as I garden.  In watching a plant that is doing poorly in one location thrive in another- I learned that just because you may not be thriving where you are does not mean you cannot thrive.  Further, the hardest thing for this particular gardener is the truth that in keeping a beautiful, healthy and well tended garden one must be unforgiving about things that just don’t work in the garden  anymore and they must go to make a place for something that will thrive.
Bad experiences are like that. Everyone has them.  They have had their place in a life, they have left their mark forever- but they need not be all there is to the story.  In your story you can just decide that they just don’t work in the garden of your heart anymore and they can be banished. I told you there were lessons to be learned in the garden and they think I am just out there playing with dirt.     

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers 

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