Asheville Bed and Breakfast-Birds of a Feather Relocation Program

Our Asheville Bed and Breakfast-Birds of a Feather Relocation Program was a dicey proposition. Frankly, had I had any hope whatsoever that I would prove even modestly successful regarding keeping the baby Blue Jays out of the driveway…. moving them would have been the last thing on my mind.  They were so frail and tiny that to even touch them was to risk their injury.  Armed however with their most serious intentions to live in the driveway and my absolute certainty that this would ensure their demise-We moved them per the last Blog on this topic.

Frankly, for several days post that time I was concerned that in my efforts to save them, I had inadvertently assisted one of many neighborhood cats in obtaining a fine feathered feast for dinner that evening.  I no longer heard the parent birds calling as clearly as I had.  That calling was what had alerted me to the whole episode of the nest falling and the baby birds being dislodged to begin with. Their intense calling was audible even inside the inn and there was also much swooping across our driveway by the parents so close to the sun room’s windows that I noticed them.   

I am happy to report that today….I heard them again.  Parents screeching and remaining in the same area of the back property hour after hour.  I have not yet seen the babies but believe by  the behaviors I am observing in the elders that the kids are all right and the parents have taken up their mission again to teach these fledglings the ways of  bird world  survival just as Keith at Western North Carolina Nature Center said they would.

A big shout out to those folks for saving the wedding day and the fledglings. If you are looking for a great volunteer place and all kinds of new knowledge about avian as well as other native NC wild things….they could use the help I am sure. 

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