Asheville Bed and Breakfast wants to know-“What’s in the Box?”

 A friend of ours and long time restaurateur in Asheville (former owner of The Market Place), Mark Rosenstein, has hatched yet another Asheville fun food  innovation.  So, this Asheville Bed and Breakfast wants to know-“What’s in the Box?” The answer is that now Mark is doing a change about from thinking about his restaurant and has re-directed his efforts to thinking inside the box.  The Community Supported Agriculture Box that is!
He is launching a series of cooking classes utilizing Community Supported Agriculture.  For those not familiar with this term, this is budding popularity mechanism enabling folks to directly purchase local and seasonal foods right from the local source.  One purchases “shares”  Basically, no one can place an order for specific fruits and veggies and when the delivery comes it reflects less of what one might have ordered if all choices were possible and more of what was” regional and grown” during that period.  All the food comes to the subscribers house at one time and it is reflects the weeks produce for a family.  Likely, some of these components will be in the box each week until the season for that item is completed.
Though Mark clearly enjoys awesome cuisine he is concentrating more on simplicity, and how to instruct folks in the best way to get the food delivered on the table in a fun, nutritious and very tasty way.  That will be the thrust of the classes. Register and join him in his Asheville kitchen on Lakeshore Drive.  The classes last 1 1/2 hours and are July 9 and July 23.  Also July 20.  To sign up go to the link:  Mark’s Cooking Classes.


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