Asheville Bed and Breakfast Red, White and Blue Fruit Blitz

Every year on July 4th, we try and create one of that days courses to reflect the colors of the holiday.  Generally, simply because the colors generally representative of this particular holiday are most widely found in fruit, allow us to present to you our Asheville Bed and Breakfast
Red,White and Blue Fruit Blitz.
It is beautiful, healthful and a guest favorite.  Serve it up to your family tomorrow in celebration of our country’s independence and I think you may see some early smile fireworks of your very own.

Red, White and Blue Fruit Blitz:

2 cups of fresh raspberries

2 cups of fresh blueberries

4 slices of angel food cake sliced thin and diced

2 cups of pastry cream or if time pressed or you don’t want the trouble of making home made pastry cream (vanilla pudding is an admirable substitute- particularly with a bit of tweaking…a bit more milk and a few drops of vanilla more than the recipe calls for will render a delicious taste and nicer texture.)  Now, if you feel energetic or very creative and wish to make the Pastry Cream from scratch,  I will place the pastry cream recipe on on my next blog.

In a clear parfait glass so the colors can shine through – place a bit of red raspberries on the bottom, add a bit of cake and top with pastry cream.  Next, add a portion of blueberries, add cake and top with pastry cream.  Repeat until the glass is full ending with the pastry cream.  On the very top of the cream, place a fanned strawberry surrounded by a four big, juicy blueberries.  It is a beautiful presentation, fun for this holiday and guaranteed to start the day off in a festive and fun way. 


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