Fireflies trip the light Fantastic – Asheville North Carolina

There is something about summertime that calls forth the child in all of us.  Long days at the beach,lake, park or forests and the essence of freedom that sounds deep in our bones.  Ok, we’re not kids anymore but we can still recognize and take joy in something cool and you have three days left while Fireflies trip the light Fantastic-Asheville North Carolina. I will be telling all the guests at my inn about this right after breakfast.  Heck, it isn’t every day that the dark night is set aglow in such a special display and it is sure to set your mind to remembering the soft, warm nights of summer when magic was free for the taking. 

The Elkmont section of the Smoky Mountain National Park will be closed through Sunday from 5p.m.till midnight where you can find the magic of summer again as you join the rather large crowd that will gather there to watch the synchronous fireflies send sparks of light through the night as they flash.  Tens of thousands of these fireflies light up the night and are thought to be the only type of firefly capable of synchronizing their lighting patterns though other types of fireflies also call the Smokies their home.  Entomologists believe this behavior is designed to lure females to the site for purposes of …You guessed it…Mating.

Since 2006, the national park mandated access to view this phenomenon only by trolley which begins transporting visitors at 7:00 p.m.from the Sugarlands Visitor Center though the parking lot may fill much sooner so popular and unique is this event. Every once in  a while in these ancient mountains they show us the unbelievable…Like the monarch butterflies on their trip through our mountains and now these winged little lanterns on display.  Though they live only 21 days- they are guaranteed to take your breath away.    

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers 

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