Innkeeper is stunned by Sports Violence-Part 2

Vancouver, British Columbia is the home of the most recent display of Sports gone wild.  My last blog about this topic reflected my observing of this phenomena which will now be recounted in Innkeeper is stunned by Sports Violence-Part 2.  A blog post will be issued in response to each occurrence of this type and perhaps the repetition will be responsible for generating discussion and evaluation of the wild dog pack behaviors fueling these completely unbelievable occurrences.

In response to the loss of a GAME played in Vancouver, British Columbia between the Boston Bruins and the Vancouver Canucks in the Stanley cup finals an angry mob of fans flooded the streets and commenced a four hour melee of drunken violence. Just a small representation of their behaviors would include setting cars (belonging to others;not their personal vehicles) on fire, settting garbage cans afire, smashing windows, broking into department stores in the area as a prelude to looting them, four stabbing- creating such fear and chaos that first responders were having difficulty accessing the area to help those victims that were injured.  Many of the perpetrators were observed recording their own descent into madness on their cell phones as they rampaged, destroyed and created a war zone of their own city.  

I do not subscribe to the theory that alcohol is completely responsible for bad behavior. It has long been my feeling that it is used as one.
Exhibit One:  A man engaged in viciously beating his wife and terrorizing his innocent children as they observe their fathers incomprehensible actions seems to be able to “immediately terminate that out of control behavior  when the police knock on his door.   Even if one did advocate that theory, generally speaking, the choice to drink is an individual one and help is available for those who, realizing it has undesired behavioral implications on them,  would like to stop drinking.  That said, though there are those who “drink responsibly” perhaps  it would be a better idea for alcohol not to be served at these sporting events.  Instant insanity appears to be only the spark of a loss away and perhaps the “gasoline” of alcohol is a catalyst best removed.   

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers 

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