Guest Review of “Inside Job” Film

 When asked what kind of movie I like generally I would respond that I am into “period pieces”, classics, drama and the like.  It was a guest review of movie discussed during breakfast that inspired me to watch Inside Job.

Guests are awesome in that all of them come as visitors to our  inn with regional differences, life experience variations, all kinds of work experiences variant from your own and thus bring a diversity to your life that I know few careers could deliver.

The gentleman referring me to the above movie was a mortgage broker.  He discussed this film over breakfast Saturday morning and I was mesmerized. When the financial demise of the U.S.  economy began in earnest  I, along with many other people, sought to investigate at least to some degree how we got in this mess.  I already had done blogs about the Great Divergence e.g., Glass-Stengall Act and the impact those things had on life in the United States before this guest ever brought up the film and piqued my interest even further.

I rented Inside Job last night. You should too!  Every thinking, conscious, citizen of this county should see this movie.  It is not politically oriented, it is powerful, it is unbelievable and of most importance, it is unfortunately not fiction.  We’d all better wake up and smell the coffee while there is still a pot to brew it in.

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers 

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