Asheville Lodging Gas Special Will Put the Spark to your Ailing Vacation

Take heart, I believe our Gas Special will Put the Spark back in your ailing vacation plans.  
Every once in a while I get an opportunity to watch the evening news. The news about gas (and many other issues) is plain scary. Frankly most of the “gas pricing”  news angers me. It is plain our gas costs are not escalating due to a lack of gas… despite Middle East tensions.  The future speculators are fueling widespread panic about potential supply issues that are at this point non existent hence making a bad situation worse. 

If an option for you to travel mid week is feasible and you are seeking at least 3 nights away we may be able to put the hope back in your heart for what might otherwise be an “opportunity lost.”  Take a peek at our innkeepers box on the home page and you just might find the cure for what ails you.

Patti and Gary Wiles , Innkeepers

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