Stunned by Sports violence

My now completely defunct love affair with team sports began while working in the emergency room of my local hospital as I, along wth the rest of the country, began to take note of the increasing statistics regarding  escalating domestic violence episodes associated with Super bowl Sunday.  That said, this innkeeper is stunned by Sports violence.

Bryan Stowe, before he was viciously beaten to a pulp in a Los Angeles parking lot after leaving a baseball game, was a colleague in that he worked in the medical field.  He spent his working hours in service to others likely saving lives of those in his care. At 42 years old he was also both a father of two young children as well as a husband.

On March 31 of this year he became something else;  a victim of crime. Can anyone wrap their head around a man being beaten with such sustained ferocity, vigor and intention to maim for wearing clothing signaling his team preference to a sporting event?  The trauma to his head after being repeated struck, beaten and kicked resulted in sustaining traumatic brain injury sufficient to produce a coma. I am not able to even comprehend this type of raw violence in response to a GAME.

Sports can bring many hours of enjoyment and entertainment.  It can be a source of camaraderie, team work, excellence and sportsmanship. That said, there is an extremely aggressive component to the world of sports. That aggression seems to bring out dark personality components in players and spectators alike.  Episodes of this kind are not unique but rather frighteningly common.
The sports industry as a whole would show real care, insight and intelligence not often credited to them to take a hard look at themselves, their messages and their intent. Their fans deserve no less. Play hard can be subject to interpretation and the ramifications can be life altering and forever.      

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers 

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