Asheville Is No Georgia Peach

Our bed and breakfast as well as the entire city of Asheville is courting the city of Atlanta.  Now, Asheville is no Georgia peach but is a shining star of Western North Carolina.  When I read about our awesome and always hard working Convention and Visitor’s Bureau hatching a marketing strategy with Atlanta as its target….It made perfect sense. With its 5 million citizens and close proximity to Asheville they have all the criteria necessary to make our mountain jewel a perfect “drive to” location. Taking nothing away from being affordable…We Are Awesome to boot.

Most of us look forward with eager anticipation and a great expectation to the getaway we have worked all year long to bring in to focus.  The economy being what it is, more than a few of us are having to be “real” about what that vacation will look like this year.  With rising air fare, none existent or shrunken bonuses for those of us lucky enough to still be employed all of this will have far reaching effect on what we are able to book for vacation.

Reasons to choose Asheville:

I feel qualified to help point out these things because, after all, we chose Asheville. It was not happenstance…but truly a choice and listed below are just some of the reasons behind our choice.  Not a small number of the considerations are those cogent to an unforgettable vacation as well. 

1.  Asheville is a small town with big town pleasures.  We have numerous Community theaters, Asheville Opera, Asheville Symphony, movie theaters galore and a music venue for every possible preference. 

2.  The state of our natural beauty is OUTSTANDING.  There are hiking trails, walking and biking trails and vistas that are unsurpassed in beauty and in total honesty there are scenes of sheer magnificence I’ve seen here that will remain with me always.  The Blue Ridge Mountains are noted for their bluish color when seen from a distance; hence the name.  It is said that it comes from a substance released by the trees here. The name “Smoky” is attributed to the natural, low lying fog that often hangs over the range and is visualized as large smoke plumes from a distance. Both of these natural phenomenon bring about an opportunity to view scenery that appears surrealistic in presentation and wondrous in memory. A not to be overlooked or under appreciated element …. This gift is FREE.  Find your tennies and you’re off.

3.  No matter what is available when you get to a place… one thing is for sure.  The people in any circumstance can either make an occasion or event a wonderful treasured memory or a nightmare.  Asheville is a polite place.  Its citizens are friendly.  One of the first times I left our inn after arriving here… in the midst of a gorgeous and warm summer day, I confess I was jaywalking in my attempt to cross the street.  In some cities, those driving vehicles during this occurrence would …A. Run you over.  B.  Start screaming expletives.  C.  Start waving the middle finger of their dominate hand to make sure you are in awareness of both your error and their displeasure.  Here, in this place, the man stopped his car and waved me through.  I was so blown away by this that I turned right around and as he noted my approach to the driver window he began lowering the window.  I said, “I am so sorry and thank you for being so polite.”  He responded, “Hey, it’s so beautiful today isn’t it?  Aren’t we lucky to live here?”  I concurred and moved along.  That moment became the definition of Asheville for me.

4.  Diversity:  Asheville is a caring place as I’ve mentioned and we bring that to everything in the city.  There are elders, there are families, there are the “well-heeled” and the “no heels”, the very well educated and the wise country folk, the artsy-music makers and the industry folks and all of those can be found together roaming the perimeter of downtown each bringing their own special gifts and each valued for their contribution.

5.  UNCA:  In every location I have ever made a home there was a college.  The presence of a college brings a freshness, a vitality and perspective that seems absent if there isn’t one.

6. Culinary Destination:  Located in Asheville is every possible kind of cuisine your taste buds are yearning for. Reach for the stars and you will find more than you bargained for here.  Nepalese, Thai, American Southern, Mediterranean, Pizza (gourmet and other), Bar B Q, Indian, Cuban, Italian and American Continental. Some of the most innovative cuisine around can be found in Asheville.    

7. Vibrant Art Community:  Every possible kind of medium is grasped by some Asheville artist.  Fiber, canvas, wood, acrylic, oil, glass, porcelain, clay, metal…Other.  These people are so artsy they can make sticks look good.  Thus far, in my near 12 year tenure here, I have met a hand surgeon now perfecting  his skills on wood and the results were breathtaking.  A Nurse anesthetist currently working as a potter and re-inventing her life breathing  all her hopes into her newest creation.  People seem to reinvent themselves here discarding  previous perceptions of themselves and venturing forward “where no man has gone before.”

8. A Bit Slower Pace:  Note the usage of the word: Bit.  Asheville is alive, vibrant and enthusiastic but it is slow enough to foster community, conviviality and a bit of time to breathe.

9. If you are a connoisseur of fine drinking beer….We actually beat out Portland, Oregon for that title in 2010 and are hoping for the same result this year.  Folks, this is not guzzling beer but the finest of the fine crafted by masters of the hops.

10.  In Eric Weiner’s book, The Geography of Bliss he lists Asheville as America’s Happiest City.  I second this motion.

So Atlanta, and all points….We’re waiting for you and while Asheville is no Georgia peach….It is a shining, magically awesome getaway. We’d love to show you our Asheville at our Asheville Bed and Breakfast Inn.

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