Barbecue Beatitudes from our Asheville Bed and Breakfast

In my discussion of Bar B Que quite honestly I am not as “in the know” as some my guests. I am not a native Southerner, hence my lack of knowledge on this vital southern culinary persuasion. It is clear by overheard dialogues of Barbecue beatitudes originating from our Asheville Bed and Breakfast that these folks are deadly serious about Bar B Que.
Each of the commentators at our breakfast table have distinct and widely varied techniques regarding what constitutes sublime Bar B Que.

Items about which I am now sure:

1. Barbecue is regionally distinctive.
2. Most choose pork but for some only the Moo will do.
3. Some use high heat to “form the crust” followed by hours and hours of slow cooking. Cooking methodology varies widely.
4. Some season with the rub and never use sauce. But even for those who do, Barbecue is not defined by sauce. Vinegar/Tomato/Mustard. Spices vary.
5. Sliced, pulled or shredded.
6. There are “rules” in barbecue. For some, these rules are made to be broken.
7. Many aspects ranging from meat selection, to cooking methodology and sauce is heritage in origin.
8. Valued for being slow. In a fast paced culinary society where there is sometimes a premium placed on speedy delivery….here hammocks, good times, family togetherness sprinkled with conversations one might not otherwise take the time to have is as integral to the barbecue story as the outcome of the meal.
9. The spelling of Barbecue is as varied as everyone’s idea of what creates a masterpiece. Also correct and recognized: Bar-B-Que,
Bar-B-Cue and Barbeque.
10. Passion reigns supreme in Barbeque.

Locations for procurement the guests at our Asheville bed and breakfast inn have enjoyed:

Barbecue Inn: Open for nearly 50 years and felt it was the “comfort” of the food that defined it.

12 Bones: Known for “doing their own thing” to achieve the taste they feel will compliment their product e.g. Blueberry Chipole Ribs.

Ed Boudreaux Bayou Bar-B-Que: Dry rubbed with Creole seasoning and smoked in apple wood. Vegetarian option. Hey, it is Asheville!

Luella,s Bar-B-Que: Concentrates on “the smokiness of the meat and a good texture and flavor.”

Little Pig’s Bar-B-Que: Specializes in customization not putting any sauce on until each order is placed. Western-style.

Mo’s: A chain… but renders a very good product for reasonable cash. Founded by ‘Bama boys. All kinds of meat and all kinds of sauces.

It has consistently amazed me the interest, queries and downright childlike excitement with which our guests seek information on this topic and I hope this will help them with finding their Bar-B-Cue heaven. Just as a side note, I believe this blog contains all the recognized spellings of the word Barbecue. Have fun!

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