Asheville’s Soft Blanket of Snow

Those of us lucky enough to be living in the wonderful city of Asheville have had more than a bit of contact with our snow shovels as recently as Christmas day which provided our own up close and personal Currier and Ives moment. Before we moved here and were still living in Florida, my husband and I actually took vacations searching for a bit of white snow of the type predicted to fall today; Asheville’s soft blanket of snow.

It is such a beautiful sight to see. The creation of magic as those tiny, soft crystals dance their way out of the sky making all they surface softer, cleaner and somehow transfiguring the ordinary surfaces they perch on into “otherworldly.” Whether swirling gracefully about your feet or pelting your car window, each occurrence seems to have a personality all its own. It feels a quiet hush, almost a pause when you venture outside into an atmosphere in which the potential for magic is magnified.

Last year, the first snow day did not find me At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn working as would have been the normal course of events. Rather, I was off and my sister and I decided to go for a walk to enjoy the first snowfall of the year.
We walked and walked on the clear white snow talking quietly. No one was about, no cars were out and it was almost as if there was no one else in the world save us two. Mesmerized as we continued our trek enjoying this majesty my sister quietly whispered, “Maybe we’ll see one today.” Lost in my thoughts and unsure that what I thought I’d heard her say was accurate I replied, “See what?” “A Unicorn”, she replied. Now, some who have never been snow walkers might doubt this but for those of us with a bit of whimsy still in our souls and a remembrance of the inventiveness of childhood capes that when tied around our necks allowed us mere mortals the capability of flight…Well, you understand.

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