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Doing this Blog on the fly today as we continue to ready for the Montford Tour of Homes Saturday, December 11 in support of our historic community.

A guest of ours At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn gave it to me stating that she uses it every single year because this particular appetizer has all the qualities she requires in an appetizer.

As you might imagine, before I even asked about the components of the recipe, her criteria intrigued me so I asked what they were.

Her response:

Had to be easy
Had to be fast
Had to be delicious
Had to be portable
Had to be visually attractive

The upshot is that she gave me the recipe. I have made it. It does all she said it did and more and I think that you will enjoy both eating it and serving it.

More after the Tour of Homes. Christmas is a stellar time of the year and it is a flurry of “to do’s” as well. Hope to see you at the Montford Tour of Homes. Let me know if you make this appetizer and if you liked it.

The Goat, the Nuts and the Sparkle

Get a log of goat cheese of a size suitable for your guest number.
Allow it to be out of the refrigerator just a bit until the outside of the log can get a bit tacky.

Shelled Pistachio nuts, Salted and chopped in chunky sizes.
Craisins chopped Fine

Mix just these two items together and roll the Goat Cheese log in it until well coated. Voila! If you are not serving immediately, return to refrigerator wrapped in plastic wrap.

It looks like Christmas and I assure you, it is yummy. Now, all this beautiful cheese preparation will be for naught if it is not accompanied by a glorious cracker. Carr water crackers are awesome as are Vinta or Champagne crackers.
Make like a goat and munch happily!

Patti and Gary Wiles Innkeepers At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn Your Asheville Bed and Breakfast

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