The Real Cost of Somene Not “Touching your Junk”

Recently there appears to be what could be considered a “customer revolt” response within the flying public regarding the scanners and also body pat downs recently enacted by the TSA. I find this completely amazing.

We live in a time when women will be seen out in next to nothing and grown men will walk around in pants that are so low that one need no longer pose the age old query,”boxers or briefs?” They don’t need to ask because pants are worn so low that a false move of any kind could result in a complete reveal.

The other day, I was driving behind a Mom in traffic who was responsible for transporting her teenage child to, I assume, a friends house. She pulls up to the curb in front of the friend’s house and the teen leaps out of the car and Voila!…His pants fall completely down to his ankles. Fortunately youth is agile and speedy and in in this young man’s case, also likely very embarrassed and with all this going for him the pants were restored to the rightful place (ok, maybe not) nearly seamlessly.
He bee bopped into the friends house missing nary a beat. I was lost in the revelry of that moment for a brief time remembering the “taxi” days of being a Mom before we moved here and purchased our inn.

I brought this occasion back front and center to my mind when on the nightly news they were rehashing a statement made by a perspective passenger to airline employee during a security body pat down stating if said employee “touched his junk” he was going to be arrested. Come on now. We watch things on the television that are completely over the top from any standpoint of evaluation, we, as a society, are not what could be termed particularly modest in dress nor prudish in behavior and now in a matter of public safety we are going to start threatening airline workers just trying to do their job with being arrested if during a procedure designed to avoid a disaster their is a brief and thoroughly non intimate, no sexual breach of a body part.

I wonder if the mothers, fathers, children, wives, husbands and loved ones of the 243 passengers, 16 crew members and the 11 people on the ground that were annihilated as that plane exploded wish someone had discovered, by whatever means possible, the instrument of their death taken on that plane before it killed them. I rather think they do. So to to the gentleman in such concern about “his junk” and those worried about the body scanner, I have a suggestion. Rather than worry about the trivia we all know is associated with air travel in 2010 and moving forward be very grateful that do to the efforts of many your flight will likely be without incident…Save a bit of potential insult to your JUNK. Grow up. These irritating airport employees with their scans and their security pat downs will hopefully help provide you enough time to do that.

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers 

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