Has Multi Cultural Society completely Failed?

It would seem that German chancellor, Angela Merkel, has decided that her country is an example of an attempt to create a multicultural society that has complete failed. In fact, she stated that “this approach has failed, totally” stating her view that immigrants should learn German and adopt Christian values. She further stated, “We feel tied to Christian values. those who don’t accept them don’t have a place here.”

She evidently is echoing the views of some of her countryman; one third of them in fact who feel their country is being “overrun by foreigners” and also of the mind that when jobs are short for Germans needing employment foreigners should be sent home.

There are 2.5 million strong in the Turkish community of Germany. Even the Turkish President Abdullah Gul in tandem with Chancellor Merkel lent his voice to the idea that the Turks living in Germany should master the language of their adopted country. His statement was a clear admonition,”When one doesn’t speak the language of the country in which one lives that doesn’t serve anyone, neither person concerned, the country, nor the society.”

Some feel the assimilation of language is a small thing. I disagree. Language is the means by which communication occurs. It is also perceived as an investment in the country you are residing in. A buy in if you will.

Perhaps much could be discussed, differences ironed out, points of view offered up for discussion and debate. Points won and points offered. Kindnesses extended, friendships forged, understandings reached with the words in place to build the bridge if only the words mirroring the hearts could be said, understood and conveyed to all equally. Could it be that if the discussion of a topic as sensitive as God, who that is and the relationship each of us enjoys with the diety could be discussed we would find that there is much more that joins us than separates us. In that understanding we could all benefit. All of us would be winners. If this discussion is hampered by language barriers, or worse yet, never happens at all it will cost all of us dearly. I fear the price will be to high to pay.

We bought our Bed and Breakfast in June of 1999. Slightly over 2 years later- the twin towers came down as a result of an act of terror claiming the lives of so many. I don’t know if any discussion, understanding or knowledge gained in sharing could have prevented that but I do know that unless there is an effort on the part of all of us for tolerance of all kinds of things that are not our core beliefs we are destined to chaos. As preciously as some of us hold on to our Christian beliefs and have them as the very cornerstone of all we are we cannot fail to appreciate that others feel the same way.

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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