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September has always seemed a “pause” month to me in both home and garden happenings. It has been that way since we have owned our Asheville NC Bed and Breakfast.
It doesn’t have the necessary action that Spring calls up within us. Air the house from the dank, oppressive winter, window wash, cobweb depart & get the winter blankets washed, dried and shrunk into some containable Space bag that can be stuffed in a closet. Commence the fertilization of the grass, the re-seed if necessary and weed control so that as the bright, green sprigs tenderly rise again it is the grass you hoped for, not the dreaded sedge & begin the much needed preparations for successful spring flowers,seed planting and bed preparation for the summer annuals.

It also doesn’t have the somewhat frenetic pace that Summer commands. As owners of At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn in Asheville I assure you the term, lazy days of summer have long since been forgotten. Summer is huge in the Western North Carolina Mountains with folks coming from much hotter regions to enjoy White Water Rafting, hiking and the much loved activities summer brings to mind without suffering a heat stroke in the process. Summer climate brings opportunities for repair/restoration projects which is a state of constant need in a home circa 1902 necessary to keep it in top notch condition and the garden…Well, between the tomatoes and the strawberries we use for our three course gourmet breakfasts to the edible and ornamental annuals we plant… keeping them fertilized, watered, weeded and looking artful is more than a full time job, albeit a well loved job.

Fall! Well, that season is in a category all it’s own. Asheville is one of the most sought after destinations on the east coast.
The variety and access of natural beauty in tandem with the complete glory of the colors in the Asheville gardens and nearly every where there is a tree…Which in Asheville is everywhere, lends itself to kaleidoscope beauty rarely displayed more majestically anywhere in this world.
Again, the new planting begins. It is a great time to do that in our area. Summer sometimes stresses new plants due to heat and inability to keep enough moisture to newly growing roots. Fall is when the best success can be had for new perennial plantings, trees, and bushes. Mulching is renewed to be available for covering up more tender vegetation in preparation for winter now only around the corner. This is to say nothing of the bulbs to be planted and that is a job in and of itself. That having been said, it is such a joy to see all of your work burst forth in all its finery after a long, bleak winter. Early fall is a fantastic time to paint (inside or out), and get work projects done that would be more tedious done in hotter weather.

Now, lest you think that though September is kind of pre-fall pause and there there is absolutely nothing to do….Well, there is. The later part of this month is a great time to divide Hostas.

Other than that, have a fine cup of coffee, sit on your porch, plan your Fall tasks and take this one moment to enjoy all you have accomplished inside and outside your home be it large, formal and stately or simply a cozy, fun, snuggly and relaxing haven to give your soul comfort.

Patti and Gary Wiles,  Innkeepers 

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