The Continuing Saga of our Asheville Bed and Breakfasts Adventure into Beef Bourguignon

The continuing saga of our Asheville Bed and Breakfasts adventure into Beef Bourguignon will now commence.
The shopping is done and the shopping… It was fierce. You know, when we first purchased our Asheville Bed and Breakfast the thing that first awed me was the amounts of food one must purchase to feed large populations of folks.

We had a small familiy inclusive of just myself, my husband and one daughter. I was entirely unaccustomed to purchasing such massive quantities of food. Once, in the early years right after we came here my Mom called the inn in bliss that one dozen eggs were nine cents. Some special they were having that week. My response was that would be great for the first six guests but what was I going to do about the others.
Suffice to say that as I looked at the cart with all this food in it not the least of which was 10 pounds of beef chuck roast (naturally not sale this week) I knew I had a daunting task ahead.

Came back to At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn
and began the unload. Immediately set to cubing up and tidying up all the chuck roast. Started with the frying of the bacon lardons (now, lardons is high tech culinary speak for a small strip of meat used to lard the meat) Then, removing all that bacon one places small batches of this monstrous amount of meat in the pan to brown. They specify in the recipe that all this meat must be provided the room in which to brown effectively. I looked at this mile high pile of cubed meat and knew this would be a very long engagement. Oh Dear.

Ok, the legions of meat are browned. One also has had to peel, dare I repeat the words, 5 pound of carrots. Yes, that’s 5 pounds. They are sliced in 2 inch pieces… on the bias, don’t you know!
One must also peel and slice very thin 3 yellow onions. Long about this time your eyes are crying big buckets of tears like the kind you left at the theater when you saw The Way They Were… Dating myself I am. Moving on….

After removing the meat, these two go into the skillet where they are cooked for approximately 15 minutes.
Returning the meat to the pan after the carrots and onions have had their moment in the sun now comes the fun part….The Wine. Oh dear God.
Now is the moment that I will share with you the best part of the afternoon secondary only to the beef blitz in rendering 10 pounds of beef chuck into 1 inch cubes. I don’t drink. My husband is occupied with a couch delivery taking place at the inn and while he doesn’t engage in the glories of the grape either, he does know how to open the bottle.
Well, you know that little plastic part that they instill on the bottle protecting the cork. Well, I begin hacking at that while trying not to stab myself to death. My sister at this point takes pity sakes on me and takes the bottle away from me and she begins hacking at it. We vanquish said offender and move on to the cork. We emerge victorious and then I read about how much Pinot Noir I am to cover this meat with. Holy Mollie, it is the entire 750 ml bottle. Well, I have made three recipes of this food to feed my numbers. Hypothetically, this amount is to serve 18 (more on this post the meal) so this would be 3 bottles of this wine. Wow, I am beginning to understand the possible allure of this dish having immediately ruled out the cubing of the beef. I don’t know if it is good but likely the cook is so blasted at the termination of this preparation that they don’t even know it isn’t good.

Have to stop now and finish this debacle up. The meal is tonight and I will finish the rest of this. Still have to raid the store for some last minute items and finish this bad boy up….Ah, the things one does for love.

Patti and Gary Wiles Innkeepers At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn Your Asheville Bed and Breakfast

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