11th Anniversary At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn

When June 19, 2010 rolls around we will celebrate our 11th year as innkeepers. That seems nearly impossible but is nevertheless a reality.

So much has happened in that time for us personally and also in the world of business.

Our guests have been a constant. Some traveling to get away from personal stress or life changing occurrences in their sphere seeking a place of serenity to regroup and recalibrate. Some celebrating times of growth like passing their boards or taking the MCAT with prayers in their heart either for the success they have found or that which they are hopeful to find. Some marking birthdays and anniversary occasions in a special way. Others saying goodbye to their previous lives sometimes in pain, angst and regret and sometimes with resolve and hope for a brighter future.

Our home here At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn has been designed inside and out for our guests. We have made well thought out choices in creating places of comfort, peace, and even solitude in designing both the garden and interior spaces of our home. The idea, of course, to create a special place providing for just those kind of needs. It will come as no shock that many folks these days are particularly stressed. Economic times are uncertain at best. Personal or familial responsibilities create a pressure cooker atmosphere in the lives of many. Getting a break from those elements can mean the difference between a person feeling that their life is out of control or actually feeling in charge and capable of navigating their course.

Innkeeping is listed as a job but quite honestly, most of the innkeepers I know more consider it a vocation. A hotel provides a clean room and pleasant environment but an innkeeper is a resource of a different nature.
Once you’ve known that kind of hosting the difference is apparent and meaningful.

Blessings to the guests who have shared their good times, bad times and in between times. Our thanks are abundant and the honor has been ours.

Patti and Gary Wiles,  Innkeepers 

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