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Today, I spent some time in my very favorite place in our Asheville Bed and Breakfast garden. It occurred to me that those of you visiting from other places might enjoy knowing what is blooming and free for the looking right about now in Asheville.

The trees and bushes are glorious. We have our beloved double Cherry tree, our lilac and Crabapple in the back saying goodbye to our Weeping Cherry just bidding its last blooms goodbye.
In our front garden both azaleas, bright red and pink, are stunning.

The daffodils are bidding us adieu and their able replacements, the tulips, are bringing up the rear with their friendly competition grape muscari.

The creeping phlox, all colors ably represented, are in their glory and hidden but coming on strong are the perennial poppies that in, by the size of their blooms, about 8-10 days will be a force to be reckoned with.

The hostas are shooting up with vim and vigor….Well, upon further inspection of some of the shoots; the bunnies are the ones that appear to be exhibiting their fair share of vigor…. likely from all the early hosta shoots they have chewed up. Guess they needed a snack. Live and let live and all that jazz.

In both the front and back of the property the Japanese Maples are furling out their leaves with innocence and trust that a late freeze will not wreak havoc upon their tender shoots as it did last year. I have my fingers crossed as our last freeze date here in Asheville is May 10.

Meanwhile, in the “still in small pots” category I have incubating and ready to bring here my old friends the marigolds, zinnia, teddy bear sun flowers, cosmos, African daisies and more. Now, think I should tell you this is my second foray into the seed department. This year, man I was with it and got all my seeds planted the last week of March. I was so excited with my timeliness. Put the flats out in those handy, dandy black individual receptacles and covered them with those “oh so neat” clear plastic lids and I was “good to go.” Well, naturally March left like the lion she was and that very night we had a healthy blow and also some unexpected rainfall and yes, you guessed it, off came those little clear plastic lids. I even had small rocks on top of them but the wind was persistent.
Watered and talked to those little seeds from March 27 through April 18 when even the hopeful among us had to cry “uncle” and realize that in all likelihood the rain had rinsed out my tiny seeds right down the driveway.
We gardeners though, always basically a hopeful lot, understand the pitfalls of Mother Nature and I replanted again Sunday. It was a sunny, lovely day, not a drip of rain or wind expected but I did not give that sneaky Mother Nature a chance to derail my seeds again and tucked them safely in my garage for the night. Once burned, twice shy!

Patti and Gary Wiles

Patti and Gary Wiles
Innkeepers At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn
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