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Chris and Janice Ortwein have hatched a brilliant and oh so fun new happening in Asheville. They host guided walking food tours complete with tastings of some of our cities finest culinary offerings. Sometimes, in the exploration of a new city without guidance and sometimes even with it, one can make a poor dining choice. Take Chris and Janice’s Asheville Food Tour and this fate need not be your own.

They have two tour options available:

1. Downtown Tour explores the varied and eclectic dining options in our edgy, art deco collage downtown area. Asheville, in its collaborative total, is honing quite a name for itself in the food and beverage department. From its home made brew, to coffee that would make an angel weep to the most varied, diversified food in the south– Asheville rocks it home! Join the walking food tour downtown and see what all the chatter is about. All of these fine establishments ply you with their best menu selections. During your walk to each of these bastions of culinary delights you are also locating gift shoppes, art galleries, (in every medium the imagination can conjure) and architecture galore you can return to after you have snacked and trolled all the fine restaurants they have included in this fancy fine food tour.

If you have been here a few days already and have had your palate pleased by our downtown master chefs, fear not, there’s more to dining in Asheville than our downtown –Gift that it is.

Tour Two: Biltmore Village Tour.
While terms like edgy, gritty, eclectic, electric fit downtown nicely…Biltmore Village has a grace all its own. Galleries, clothing, a feel of days gone by with restaurant fronts out of Dickens will afford you another magic cuisine experience. Chris and Janice have lived in Asheville long enough to select the best and brightest this village has to offer for the food tasting tour of this area.

Chris and Janice were kind enough to allow Gary and I to take this tour so we could experience exactly what guests of our Asheville Bed and Breakfast Inn would be a part of. We had a truly magnificent time. Both tours offer excellent glimpses into the food world of each restaurant we stopped in. All put out their finest wares to woo and it worked. We have eaten at several of these restaurants not fearing we would not really enjoy the food there. We knew we would because we’d already been there.

So, put on your tennies, bring your appetite and Chris will expertly weave you through our finest eateries. Catch the magic of Asheville as the street vendors impress you with their wares and the songs of the street musicians weave their sweet melody into your soul. A good time will be had by all and while you certainly can’t shop during the tour….well, there’s all that food to walk off, shopping to be done and you might as well know how to get there and of course-Dinner to plan.

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