I will commence this blog by saying that no one you have ever truly loved can be replaced. Some of you following this blog know that my old, beloved girl Molly, died in October of 2009. She lived with my family for 19 years. She came in her babyhood and robbed our hearts and her physical self stayed as her mind wandered to “greener pastures” and her legs would no longer allow her to romp and play as they had in earlier days. I will miss her for always.

Currently, quietly, I have been evaluating whether my loss of Molly could be lessened by a “new addition.” To that I answered a resounding “NO!” again in realization that Molly cannot be replaced. She was unique. Her personality not able to be duplicated and her tenure in our family could not be replicated. A different time, a new climate and even less people are now living in our home. We are older, wiser, work longer hours, have less energy to expend on endless games of catch, cleaning up the anticipated accidents as the training of a new puppy would surely bring about and…..Well, the differences reflected in our family in Molly’s time (1992) and now are endless.

Mostly, I know I can train in manners and behavior, accomplish the said “potty training” and care of potential puppy if I can bring the. Less known is my ability for the unabashed excitement,devotion and anticipation to a new foundling that I was able to provide to Molly. I also don’t know if I am prepared to give up the “freedom” of not having a dog. One cannot be spontaneous in travel if one has a canine friend. One cannot spend the night away if that opportunity presents itself. One cannot retain entire independence either as truly loving any living creature creates an interdependence, some sacrifice and some willingness on your part to give serious consideration to the needs of another.

Conversely, walks are totally not as amusing and might have to be accomplished alone. The look of complete adoration is generally not seen routinely if ever by a soul you know will love you to the end of time… whether or not your behavior is worthy of such a precious gift.
Obviously, the jury is still out.

Patti and Gary Wiles

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