Dining in Asheville – Vinnie’s Neighborhood Italian Restaurant

Dining in Asheville is always an adventure and we invite you to explore all of the options when you stay at our Asheville bed and breakfast, At Cumberland Falls. From the beautiful,organic locally grown produce found at Laughing Seed to the awesome freshness of the New England lobster specifically flown in for your enjoyment at the Lobster Shack downtown, Mela’s famous Indian flair, Loretta’s sandwich perfection and Bistro 1896’s slant on polenta and dessert heaven– there are no opportunities missed for the perfect meal right here in Asheville, N.C.

Very soon, another Asheville favorite, Savoy’s, will be doing a metamorphosis into another kind of eatery. Savoy’s long enjoyed as a fine dining establishment, with both a varied as well as distinguished menu, will be morphing into a more casual place of dining: Vinnie’s Neighborhood Italian Restaurant.

The economy being as it is currently has prompted Eric, the owner to create a more cost contained and more importantly, comforting environment for these stressful times. In Vinnie’s Neighborhood Italian Restaurant we will see soul stirring, cockle warming, excellently flavored, and delightfully affordable food in a place where just being there will likely be as valued as what you choose to eat.

Now, I’m as Irish as it gets but having always been of the motto that if I hadn’t been Irish, being Italian would not have been a hardship tour. You may rest assured & bet your four leaf clover that one dark night after leaving At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn too tired to cook I will be searching for Vinnie’s to sample what I know will prove a delightful end to the day.

Patti and Gary Wiles
Innkeepers At Cumberland Falls

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  1. Asheville’s Italian restaurants feature inviting family restaurants serving up classics like pizza and spaghetti, or upscale dining experiences featuring regional Italian cuisine like gnocchi with proscuitto ham and Gorgonzola cream.

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