New Year

The proximity of Christmas to New Year’s has always been problematic for me. Merry making seems to go with less stress and more fun when it is partitioned out a little better. These two holidays falling within 6 days of each other seems to take the wind out of the sails…My sails anyway. Now, let’s face it despite the obvious “meaning of the season” there is an enormous amount of work to do at Christmastime. Let’s, for argument sake, say that in these recessionary times, you cut back for Christmas 2009 or perhaps in the loss of employment or decline of business you just sent cards. Well, those little tidbits of love and news sent to everyone take time.
So does the decorating and baking that provides such delight to the palate of each visitor in the days running up to Christmas.
Ok, the family arrives, the sparkly and oh so glittery presents are arranged under the tree and in short order on Christmas morning look like a bomb has gone off with paper, ribbons, tissue paper and the like carpeting the floor, church is attended, the games are watched, the meal, made with care and much planning, is chowed up leaving the area of the dining room table looking something like an indigenous locust landing and then with fond memories in the heart of all the participants— the event is blessedly completed.

Before recovery can even be anticipated no less planned into the schedule what with returning that which didn’t work for the gift recipients, laundering the sheets and returning the beds ready for the next company….Well, you guessed it…Here comes New Year’s Eve!
May the force be with you and if all the festivities have left you tired and less than celebratory, you can hide out with us a while here At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn We promise not to tell a soul you’re here.

Patti and Gary Wiles
Innkeepers At Cumberland Falls

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