Asheville Inn At Christmas

Asheville is a solidly bed and breakfast kind of place. The historic neighborhood being so close to downtown really sort of ordained that being the case. No matter who you are, there is a bed and breakfast in Asheville to cater exactly to your type.

From the Victorian mansions and Georgian palaces to the Arts and Craft structures; Asheville has it all.
As night follows day, so it stands to reason that as all the homes are vastly different so to are their innkeepers.
We have representatives of nearly every occupation one can think of in the innkeeping community of Asheville. Just a few examples would include a developer of a communication system used by the coaches in the NFL, lawyers,legal secretary, therapists,radiology tech,nurses,realtors and of course a sorcerer and Indian chief. Well, ok, the last two are exaggerations but you get the point!
A hotel is a very different experience in hospitality than a bed and breakfast. Your innkeeper will know your name, identify exactly what your hopes for your vacation are and begin their mission to help you achieve those hopes. The innkeeper has a service soul and owns their livlihood in a similar manner to that of a mother bear over her cub. Her love for her home extends to all that enter it.
So, in these days of hard times at Black rock and maybe you could do with a little warm fuzzy. Check out a bed and breakfast. Support small business at the same time.
Coming to you from Patti At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn with a warm wish for your Merriest Christmas ever!

Patti and Gary Wiles
Innkeepers At Cumberland Falls

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